Class Descriptions

'Ohana carries a variety of classes for everybody. Meet us on the MAT!


Vinyasa Yoga flows through a series of asanas (poses or postures) while linking movement to breath.  This practice also explores the variations for Surya Namaskara also known as Sun Salutations, a free flowing sequence of 12 asanas (poses). Often, the teacher or student may set an intention for their practice, and use the sequence of poses to reach that intention. All fitness levels are welcome.


Power Flow uses the strength of your breath to bring strength to your pose.  A traditional practice of fast moving asanas and challenging poses, offering a balance of simplicity and strength.  An all-levels class, fast paced.


Chair Yoga is an amazing class of alignment, breath, balance and flow, all while using a chair. If getting up and down off the mat is challenging, this class will enable you to experience a vigorous yoga workout while seated or holding the chair for stability. Yoga is for EVERY BODY!


 This Class is taught by owner Sarah Allen. Sarah traveled to Berkeley, California in June of 2018 to become a MELT trainer.  MELT is a simple self-treatment technique that uses a soft ball designed to reduce chronic pain and help you stay healthy, youthful, and active for a lifetime. Enjoy a hand or foot treatment along with a long with a slow deep stretch vinyasa. 


Barre uses the technical aspects of ballet training to improve strength, posture, confidence!   Barre class begins with arm conditioning, moves to the barre for leg and glute toning, then progresses to core strengthening and soothing stretch on the mat.   With upbeat music and movement, this class is low impact, but high energy!  


Yoga SHRED incorporates yoga flow, light weights, tabata sequences, and lots of core work for a sweaty, fun workout that revs your metabolism and builds lean muscle.