Private Lessons


Sierra Kliscz


60 Minute / $45.00

Whether your wanting to further your practice, fine tune your alignment or looking for guidance into more challenging asanas we got your back.

Tailored to the needs of the individual, private lessons are a great way to deepen or start your yoga journey. Yoga is for everyBODY, finding what works best for your physical form and energetic self in a more intimate setting.

Achieve inversions and presses, cultivate calmness through pranayama (breath control), master transitions to flow with more strength and purpose, cater to an injury limiting your practice/life, increase flexibility, as well as finding that balance of holding on and letting go.

Whatever your reason may be for stepping onto the mat know that we are here to help. We do not practice yoga to get better at yoga, we practice yoga to get better at life; so that we may live and not just exist.

Call or message for more details on how to start your journey deeper into self discovery and enlightened consciousness.