Quiet the Mind

and the soul will speak


My name is Sierra Kliscz, I was born in Janseville, WI but moved frequently at the age of ten. My story is laid out a bit differently than most but perhaps very similar to others. I grew up with a less than traditional childhood and without getting into the details let’s just say I experienced a variety of adversity. Ultimately this led me to have a destructive lifestyle at a young age and to develop unsavory habits.

As a teenager I was sent to a Retreat House in Adair, IA. This was the spark that lit my fire. At first I resisted as any teen would, I was kicked out of the center after my 3rd week of living there. As I sat on the curb alone and lost, it was there in that moment that I had a revelation. Life gives you EXACTLY what you want. I had lived in adversity for so long it became my identity. Even in fleeting times of happiness I would destroy any lasting chance as I became so uncomfortable with the feelings of joy. I seen 40, 50, 60 even 70 year old men and woman in this facility struggling with the same issue as I and my mind flooded with dread that I would be fighting this battle for the rest of my life. It was in this moment I made the conscious choice to change my life’s path. It was in this moment I realized that I had a CHOICE.

Through the years I would experience a roller coaster of “up’s and down’s”, two steps forward ten steps back but I always kept trying. I never gave up and that is why I never failed. I made many MANY mistakes but I learned something from each of them. I knew I wanted happiness and inner peace but I could never seem to achieve it for to long. I had my first child at the age of 20 and I truly believe she was brought to my life for a bigger purpose. I knew I wanted to give her everything I never had. I knew I wanted her to be surrounded with love and confidence, with honor and security and I was determined to provide that for her. She propelled me into a full forced search for the meaning of life, for the cure to the victim mentality.

After she was born I began diving into holistic approaches, trance work, mind and body connection and spirituality as a whole. I tried going to different churches and finding something that spoke to me but my efforts always came up short. I coasted by little by little learning more about myself and my role in the surrounding world. I found happiness in my daughter, in her eyes, in her smile and in her laugh. Together we explored nature and the human experience and things were simple. 4 years later I would become pregnant with my second child, I was terrified. I had my life figured out to this point but adding another child to my life and along with it a boyfriend that loved me!? This brought back feelings of unworthiness, of lack and doubt. I ran away from the chance of happiness in effort to protect myself from being let down. Months later I would come to my senses and realize that having a family is what I ALWAYS wanted and not only did I deserve this but so did my children and I broke down some pretty big walls.

After the birth of my second child I began to experience a panic disorder coupled with PTSD and social anxiety. It literally came out of nowhere because at this point in my life things were good, things were GREAT. I knew I didn’t want to be on drugs for the rest of my life and my therapist had recommended Yoga. I had done in the past but never stuck with it. I decided to give it a try in my adult life. It was here where I was finally able to wash away the dirt I still carried with me. I fell in love with the practice and with myself truly and honestly for the first time.

I learned so much about where and why my personality developed. I sat for hours with my breath and thoughts, my tears and my fears. I loved the way I felt after a practice, I would feel strong and confident and reminded of my purpose. I was aware of the light and the dark sides life. I learned to respect and honor both experiences as they were and not try to change them. Knowing that when I stepped onto the mat, the darkness was uncovered and when I stepped off, the light shone bright. I was able to discover the inner strengths I had all along but was not using to full potential. I obtained a tool box for life.

It became my passion. The physical practice showing me how strong I was and only allowing me to become stronger. Linking the breath to my movement forcing me from thoughts of the past and of the future and bringing me into the present moment. I didn’t practice yoga to get better at yoga, I practiced yoga to get better at life.

I decided I needed to take this further and share my passion with the world. I went and took my RYT 200 hour certification training and started a small outdoor yoga company called "Mindful Motions Yoga”. I had prepared to open a location in lacrosse in the 5th and king building, until one day I stumbled upon ‘Ohana Yoga. I threw away my plans for my own studio and started teaching here. Something about the studio just felt right. After 6 months of teaching I was asked to step in as manager, I was so excited to become more involved. Soon after that I was approached by the owner to buy in as partner. My heart was bursting with joy.

After a year went by of being partners with an amazing woman Sarah Allen, she made a difficult decision of letting go. She saw my passion for the company and wanted me to run with it. This was finally it, my dreams becoming reality. So here we are today, 4 years of practicing yoga, 2.5 years of teaching and now I am in my own space sharing the gift of inner peace to the community. No more lost, fearful and scared little girl. But a powerful, hopeful young woman who is more than grateful to be where I am today. Adversity led me to the path of self discovery and for that I am humbled.


TUESDAY: 9am-NamaSLAY / 430pm FLOW



FRIDAY: 9am-Vinyasa Vitality

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