My name is Sarah Allen, and my yoga journey goes a little different from most. In the summer of 2016, I was approached by three powerful women about a business idea, that soon would become the opening of 'Ohana Yoga. I was ecstatic to be asked to be a partner and couldn't wait to pair my massage business of 7 years along side the art of yoga. This all made sense, putting all of my years of knowledge of natural healing and growing it further. I couldn't wait!

That fall, 'Ohana yoga opened our doors, and that November I ventured to Bali, Indonesia for my 200 hr Registered Yoga Training.  Mind you, I had only done yoga a handful of times, but I couldn't wait to dive deep into the practice of yoga, as the art of natural healing  has always been my passion. 

 After the third day of training, I realized I had no idea what I had gotten myself into and contemplated leaving my yoga training. Our teachers kept telling me to trust the process, so I did, and I'm sure happy I did too.  That three weeks was an amazing journey.  I was astonished with what I had learned and who I had become. I learned much more about myself and my surroundings. I had found a greater balance than I thought I already had.  

I am still on a journey, aren't we all?  We always learn and grow, so if you say "I can't do yoga" or "yoga isn't for me", trust me,  I get it.  I was once there myself.  Here's the thing though, YOGA is for YOU! It's for EVERYONE. Trust yourself and the journey it brings you on.  

Oh I betcha you'd like to hear a few things about me!... I'm a West Salem native. I graduated from WS High in 2004. I received my associates degree in applied science in the program of massage therapy in 2011.  I run my massage business Body Balance Massage and Wellness in conjunction with 'Ohana Yoga studio.  My family is everything, my number ones.  Hobbies I enjoy are golf, horseback riding, travel, hiking & just about anything that involves family and adventure. If you want to get to know me more, me on the mat;)





 My name is Sierra Kliscz. I have two beautiful daughters at home who have all of my heart .I have a love for the outdoors hiking, fishing, boating, wakeboarding, kayaking and camping.I dabble in many different hobbies including, archery, fire staff and hooping. I have a strong  passion for music, self taught piano and guitar player, which enables me to have instrumental back up for my true passion of singing and composing.

I am very excited to begin a new journey with Ohana and share my love and passion for yoga with like-minded individuals. I am a 200 hour certified yoga instructor. I have worked with numerous great venues in the local area. 

I have experience with Hot Yoga, Paddleboard Yoga, Kids Yoga, Beach Yoga, Acro Yoga as well offering private lessons. I teach a vinyasa flow, incooperating principles from power and hatha yoga. I fell in love with the practice during a dark time in my life. I was so humbled with my experience and results, it led me to spend my life sharing the benefits of yoga with others. 

Whatever one's reason may be for stepping onto the mat I hope to lead, through my experiences, a path to self fulfillment and enlightened  consciousness. Being the best version of one's self is the most effective way to change the world. Look forward to meeting everyone! Namaste!