Whether your a seasoned traveler or your journey has just begun, 'Ohana intends to be your drawing board for the story we call life. 'Ohana provides a peaceful environment enabling students to further their journey to self exploration and enlightened consciousness. Absorbing the benefits of the individual energy, as well as the collective energy, we guarantee soul satisfying guidance.  Improving our human experience through silence we become alive and through movement we become one. 'Ohana means family and family is what we are. 



Happy Holidays

Have you ever thought about trying YOGA?....If so, 'Ohana is a great place to start. Don't let your mind tell you you can't, because you can. The yogis here at 'Ohana are some of the best support you can get. We are truly a family here at 'Ohana. Be a part of this journey with us! Sign up today for your first 30 days for 30 dollars and start your journey.