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 'Ohana means family.  Family means

nobody gets left behind or forgotten.



I began consistently practicing yoga in 2013. I started at home watching a DVD. That led me to try some classes at a local studio, and those classes led me to thinking there might be more to this yoga thing than just getting a workout and moving through poses. This brought me to attending a yoga retreat in Aruba working with an amazing teacher and other yogis from all over the world. Returning home, this set me on a whole new path in life. I began practicing and studying yoga and meditation regularly. I began learning more about our energy bodies and how important it is to our well being. Once these practices started improving my life, I knew I wanted to share this awesomeness with others! Choosing happiness is my constant driving force and it’s because of my yoga and meditation practice that I’m able to live with this mindset. Meditation taught me to be honest with myself and showed me what would truly make me happy. Yoga taught me to follow my true passions and take risks along the way; to get outside of my comfort zone in order to enter a new place of clarity and adventure.


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Hello, 'Ohana! I'm Jessi Endrizzi, and I'm thrilled to be teaching among such a talented group of yogis and in such a beautiful studio.   My passion for yoga began as a young mom when I faced mental health challenges, exhaustion, and anxiety.  I began to find myself impatient at home and unhappy with myself.   Going to yoga each week healed me and allowed me to come back to life.  The qualities I learned and developed on my mat- using my breath, stilling my thoughts, and striving to do my best- translated into a peaceful, happy changes in my every day life. Those changes translated into a desire to share what I had learned, and to lift others through the practice of yoga.  

I completed my 200 hr. yoga teacher training through the Yoga Center of Minneapolis, completed Strong Spirit Mindfulness in Movement Chair Yoga Training , YOGA SHRED/Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga trained, and I received barre certification from the International Ballet Barre Fitness Association.   I love sharing these healthy practices with others. 

Outside the studio, I enjoy hiking, quilting, dancing, karate, eating, cooking, and spending time with my family.   My husband, Mark, and I have four awesome kids and a yorkie-poo (who is actually my favorite child!)   

Thank you for sharing this journey with me! Namaste!




I discovered my passion for all things health and wellness early in my 20’s and, now, as a ‘mature’ woman in my early 30’s, I can say that I am gratefully living in a constant space of self-growth and development. I truly believe that many of the answers we seek lie within each of us.  Sometimes it simply takes a safe space to explore those inner teachings and mull over the responses with an open-minded, loving, and compassionate human being.

One of the most fascinating benefits of self-growth is how it makes you feel more in touch with everything around you. An aligned and mindful human being is able to see life as an experience and stay curious with the process. This alignment takes place in all dimensions of our health—emotional, spiritual, and physical.  To get to a place of non-judgment and acceptance, we must first accept ourselves and pour every ounce of energy we have into creating the most sacred space in which to continue this growth. All experiences in life can be limited or limitless based on the health of the skin we live in and the spirit we carry. I am honored to work with you in this never-ending process of change. 




Hello! My path to a life involving yoga came when I was trying to find my way after the loss of my mother. My best friend said,  "Come with me to a yoga class." I don’t say no to her often, if ever, so I went, and found what I needed to heal. To me, yoga is mind, body, and soul working together to create a peace and harmony in the body that you are not likely to find elsewhere. My instant love for this practice, and the joy I am blessed with after an hour of class led me to earn my certification, and I have been able to share my love ever since. Although I believe there is a need for all the types of yoga, my favorite classes include restorative and slower flow classes to create the peaceful state of mind that is sometimes hard to hold onto in daily life. I truly believe that in one form or another, yoga can be for everyone.

I have a wonderful husband of 26 years and two amazing (adult) children. I love animals and have two dogs and a cat that fill my heart. Biking, gardening, reading, running, wine, coffee (and of course yoga!)... just having fun and spending time with family and friends are the things that make me happy. I live my life in as happy a place as possible and there is always a smile and a hug for everyone!

I am so happy to be a part of such an amazing yoga family and I hope to see you all! Namaste 


Morgan Huinker

 Hi friends! My name is Morgan Huinker. I first fell in love with yoga as a way to change my thoughts, belief system, and way of life. I went through my 200-hour yoga teacher training in the summer of 2016. That summer I changed in everyway possible. I learned how to properly love myself, teach yoga, and I even went Vegan. Since that summer I have taught yoga to all level and abilities and I’m excited to get to know you and help you develop your own path in yoga and beyond. Along with being trained in yoga I am also an A.C.E certified personal trainer and I specialize in weight management. Not only am I passionate about health and fitness, but I also graduate from the University of La Crosse in December with my Bachelors Degree in psychology and a minor in interpersonal communication. The mental health and quality of life of others are important to me and this is why I focus on psychology, fitness, and yoga to help them pick and choose what resonates best with their sense of self. 

Outside of everything I’ve mentioned so far, I also love to travel. I have lived in Scotland for nine months and traveled to nine other countries while there. I love to talk about body positivity, self-love, community, health, fitness, and manifesting the life we deserve and desire. You can become whomever you wish to be and the ‘Ohana family is here to help you get there. I’m excited to walk with you along this journey! The light in me honors the light in you, Namaste. 




Jessica Jerman brings 12 years teaching experience and 16 years as a yoga student. Her training background includes a 200 hour teacher training in Vinyasa Flow, and another in alignment-based tradition, with additional studies in yoga for stress management and addictions. Jessica weaves elements of yoga philosophy, mindfulness, and creative asana sequences to encourage students to recognize their own strengths, possibilities, limits and internal grace. Jessica strives to incorporate her practice into everyday life as a mother, social worker and artist. Jessica is eternally grateful to all of her teachers.